The Hybrid Cordless Circular Saw - By Gas Saw Corp. Power Tools for Contractor and Construction
Hybrid Manufacturing Corporation.

The Hybrid™ gas circular saw was invented and developed by professionals in the construction industry and is currently in use by professionals as a contractor saw in and around the construction industry.

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The Hybrid Cordless Circular Saw - By Hybrid Manufacturing Corporation. Power Tools for Contractor and Construction

The Hybrid™ Circular Saw gives the added production capacity typical of a Cordless Saw, to increase productivity in areas where power is non-existent or where an extension cord will slow or complicate the production capability. The Hybrid™ Cordless Circular Saw is redefining cordless power tools. A worker now has the benefits and advantages of a gas saw without the limitations associated with an electrically powered model. It is as strong and reliable as the standard model, allowing a craftsman to cut through thick wood during an entire day of work. This product could be used in situations where electrical current is nonexistent or difficult to reach. The Hybrid's unlimited versatility is a practical and refreshing option for the construction industry.


Cordless Power, Durability and Flexibility

7 1/4 inch blade. 45 degree bevel and depth control.
A circular saw that revolutionize cordless power.


    Electric circular saws cost time, provide less power, and limit versatility. Setting a new standard in gas powered tools, The Hybrid™ is
    constructed of the best quality materials commonly accepted and used in the manufacturing industry today. The metals are selected from the finest alloys of steel and aluminum thus making them corrosion-resistant, durable and strong. more
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