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The Hybridâ„¢ Cordless Saw redefines Gas Powered Tools. As a perfect Construction and Contractor Saw, the Hybrid's features combine all the best characteristics of a Circular Saw and roll them into one versatile piece of machinery.
Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is it?
Two times faster and stronger as electric circular saws!

Does it cut a 45 degree bevel on a 1.5 board?

Will it cut a laminated beam square?

Is it dangerous?
Less "kick back" then a electric circular saw.

How long will it run on a single tank of gasoline?
1 to 1.5 hours (on and off use).

30 minutes continuous usage.

Does the Hybrid™ take the place of a electric circular saw?
When you are in a place without power or when a electrical
cord becomes incombant or non productive such as on a roof top .

Does the Hybrid™ "track" as straight as a electric circular saw?

Has the Hybrid™ been field tested?

Yes! Crews of carpenters are currently using the Hybrid™.

Gasoline Powered Circular Saw!
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