The Hybrid Cordless Circular Saw - By Gas Saw Corp. Power Tools for Contractor and Construction
Hybrid Manufacturing Corporation.
The Hybridâ„¢ gas circular saw was invented and developed by professionals in the construction industry and is currently in use by professionals as a contractor saw in and around the construction industry.

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More about the Hybrid™ circular saw:
One of the main problems on the modern day construction site is lack of power plugs on the temporary power pole. There may be as many as 15 people trying to plug in electric cords with only three or four outlets available. Some are air compressors that take most of the power. One air compressor and one saw will often trip the breakers off and on. This happens frequently throughout the workday.

The electric saw requires a power cord over two or three hundred feet to use all over the job site. That is like carrying around a saw that is connected to a boat anchor. It is dragging and catching on everything it is pulled across. It's very annoying. Then there are some jobs that are without an electrical pole all together.

The Hybrid™ cordless circular saw fits today's environment so well - it's versatile and powerful. The Hybrid™ saw does not rely on electricity and of course is 100% cordless.
With a diamond tip blade you can cut cement siding, concert block and bricks. With an abrasive blade you can cut metals, rebar, steel and aluminum. Deck and dock builders, you can stand in water and cut wood, you can stand in a puddle of water in the rain and cut wood, concrete, steel, brick or cement blocks. You could work on a floating barge, dock or over water, which you cannot do with an electric saw.
The future is cordless tools. We are in the process of working to make the Hybrid™ smaller, lighter and more cost effective - Order yours today! If you are a manufacturer please call us at:352.468.1076 - Inventors publishing and research in California are interviewing candidates now.
Since last year the Hybrid™ is currently in use on jobsites all over Florida to "torture test" in every situation. In the past year not one saw has failed. Everyone who has used a Hybrid cordless circular saw is impressed - you will be to. Our next step is mass production and global distribution.
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