The Hybrid™ runs dependably during a
entire workday, providing reliable, accurate
cutting ability all of the time.
Specifications and Details
The Hybrid™ Circular Saw is constructed of the best quality materials commonly accepted and used in the saw manufacturing industry today.
The metals used in our Cordless Power Tools are selected from available steel or alloys of steel and aluminum. The production process related to the use of these metals ensures that they are produced so as to be corrosion-resistant, durable, and strong. The selected metals have high impact strength and are able to accept and retain coloring materials for an extended length of time.

All electronic components are selected from those currently having the highest industry ratings. These components meet and/or exceed all safety usage regulations also. Wiring and associated connecting is insulated and otherwise protected from intrusion by any harmful or degrading elements including water, medium level temperatures, and low to medium impact force.

The Hybrid™ has many of the same traits of the standard circular saw. It is similar in appearance, weight, and functionality. These similarities include having the same angle or bevel control as the standard circular saw. It is made of sturdy, strong steel and steel alloy. Differences include all of those that would serve to change the power supply unit so as to replace the electrical components with those that would provide for a gasoline-powered unit. Basically, the product is a circular saw powered by a small, chain saw-type engine.

The engine is a two-stroke engine such as those used on hand held chain saws. The engine is attached to the side of the saw opposite the saw blade. Set at such an angle to allow it to receive an even and constant flow of fuel from a small gas tank designed to be filled with premixed fuel. This versatile tool has all the advantages that are attached to a dependable two-stroke engine.
Gasoline Powered Circular Saw!
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